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[1] Alzheimer’s disease: An aСute exacerbation of the senile phenoptosis / N. K. Isaev, E. V. Stelmashook, E. E. Genrikhs и др. // Biochemistry (Moscow). — 2015. — Т. 80, № 12. — С. 1838–1842. Alzheimer’s disease is characterized by progressively decreasing of cognitive abilities and memory, accompanied by synapses degeneration, massive loss of brain neurons, finished by full person degradation and death finally. The reasons of this disease generation are unclear now, but it is generally agreed, that main risk factor of Alzheimer disease’s development is an age. Peoples after stroke or injury have the significantly increased probability of Alzheimer disease’s development. Also risk factors of this neurodegenerative disease development are an social isolation, poor social activity, hypodynamia, low mental performance and low plane of education, that are agreed with the phenoptosis conception (V.P. Skulachev et al. (1999) Biochemistry (Mosc), 64, 1418-1426, M.V. Skulachev, V.P. Skulachev et al. (2014) Biochemistry (Mosc), 79, 977-993). According this conception, the speed of maturation is linked to psychological and social aspects of people’s behavior. In this work we suggested, that Alzheimer’s disease is an aсute exacerbation of the senile phenoptosis. If this being so, could be inhibit the development of this disease by using of mytochondria-targeted antioxydants. Now there are enough data demonstrating the mitochondrial dysfunction and oxidative stress connection both with normally maturation and with Alzheimer’s disease. [ DOI ]

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