Cultural properties and taxonomic position of Helminthosporium-like fungal isolates from the White Seaстатья

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[1] Cultural properties and taxonomic position of helminthosporium-like fungal isolates from the white sea / J. V. Kireev, O. P. Konovalova, N. Mugue et al. // Microbiology. — 2015. — Vol. 84, no. 5. — P. 665–676. Morphological, cultural and physiological characteristics of 19 Helminthosporium-like hyphomycetes isolated from White Sea were studied. Taxonomic status of the isolates was verified by molecular genetics approach. One of the isolates was identified as Alternatia sp., while the rest of marine isolates belong to the species Paradendriphiella salina (G.K. Sutherl.) Woudenb. & Crous. The specific peculiarities of the isolates studied were characterized as adaptive. Optimum salinity for the isolates’ growth was 1-2% NaCl in the artificial medium that is lower than for the open ocean isolates described before. It is believed to be due to relatively low salinity of White Sea (22-24‰) as compared with the ocean water (35‰). Optimum temperature for the isolates’ growth was +22oС, however the marine isolates are shown to be growing and sporulating even at lower temperature of 6o C that has not been reported before for marine fungi isolated from the warm sea waters. All isolates studied grew and sporulated efficiently on the medium supplied with Fucus algae extract and in the sea water layer. Conidia of the marine isolates submerged in the sea water were propagated efficiently in contrast with soil-born fungi. Holoblastic conidiogenesis was demonstrated by light and scanning microscopy that confirms correct separation of P. salina from the genus Scolecobasidium. [ DOI ]

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