Hermite Functions Expansion Based Non-Local Means Algorithm for CT Applicationsстатья

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[1] Hermite functions expansion based non-local means algorithm for ct applications / N. Mamaev, A. Lukin, D. Yurin et al. // 11th International Conference on Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis: New Information Technologies (PRIA-11-2003). Samara, September 23-28, 2013. Conference Proceedings. — Vol. 2. — IPSI RAS Samara, 2013. — P. 638–641. We propose a new algorithm for noise suppression – HeNLM. It is a modification of an existing local jets based method LJNLM-LR. In our method, the neighborhood of a pixel is expanded in a series of Hermite functions, which, unlike Gaussian derivatives, form an orthonormal basis. Testing of our method against Local Jets and NLM has shown better preservation of detail-rich areas, sharp edges in CT scans, without loss of medically-important information.

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