Fungi in bottom sediments of the Chukchi Sea: diversity and ecophysiologyтезисы доклада

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Работа с тезисами доклада

[1] Bubnova E., Konovalova O. Fungi in bottom sediments of the chukchi sea: diversity and ecophysiology // XVII Congress of European Mycologists. — European Mycological Association Madeira, Portugal, 2015. — P. 44–44. This is a first report on the mycobiota of the Chukchi Sea, one of the most inclement seas of the world. Twenty‐two bottom sediment samples were taken at depths ranging from 44 to 110 meters. Fungi were isolated by Warcup's technique using MEA (salinity 35 ‰). Fungal cultures were identified using both cultural methods and ITS1‐5.8S‐ITS2 sequencing data. The effects of different environmental parameters (temperature, salinity and C sources) on the spore germination and the colony growth rate were examined. The fungal abundance in the analyzed samples was low: in total, as little as 150 fungal strains were isolated from all samples; the number of fungal isolates obtained from 1g individual bottom sediment samples varied from zero to 22. At the same time the fungal diversity was unexpectedly high: we identified 49 morphotypes belonging to 32 genera of Basidiomycota (4 genera, 4 species) and Ascomycota (all the others). Among almost forty non‐sporulating cultures initially isolated the majority were identified as Ascomycota, and two – as Basidiomycota species based on DNA sequence data. Most of Ascomycota species in this study were referred to Eurotiales, Pleosporales, Helotiales and Hypocreales; fungi of Eurotiales family were most abundant in all samples examined (41% of all isolates). In experiments with growth and conidial germination all isolated fungi exhibited broad salinity tolerance ranging from 0 to 50‰ and the ability to grow using algal‐specific polysaccharides as a sole carbon source. The major growth‐limiting factors were low temperature and the lack of available organic matter.

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