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[1] Nonlinear effects in behaviour of composite materials / E. V. Lomakin, B. N. Fedulov, Y. R. Jeng, N. G. Minaev // APM 2018, Book of Abstracts, XLVI Int. Conf. Advanced Problems in Mechanics, June 25–30, 2018, St. Petersburg, Russia. — Polytech-IPME RAS St. Petersburg, 2018. — P. 54–54. The mathematical model for these anisotropic materials with dependence of properties on the type of loading is analyzed. It has been shown good correlation between the theoretical dependencies for uniaxial, biaxial and in-plane shear loadings and the results of experimental studies. The capabilities of proposed approach to the characterization of nonlinear shear behavior and the extension of classic elasticity, which is used for usual laminate composite theory, are studied especially. The simplicity of the final constitutive equations makes this nonlinear shear approach essentially useful from point of engineering applications. The proposed material model is used for the study of experimental data. The analysis of test results for based on fiberglass fabric composite specimens is carried out and it is shown that the proposed nonlinear approach, even with simplest introduction of nonlinear parameters, can approximate the results with quite satisfactory precision.

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