Group 14 Elements Derivatives: Tetrylenes and Catenated Compoundsтезисы доклада

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Работа с тезисами доклада

[1] Group 14 elements derivatives: Tetrylenes and catenated compounds / K. V. Zaitsev, V. A. Tafeenko, A. V. Churakov, M. P. Egorov // Book of Abstracts, 28th International Conference on Organometallic Chemictry (ICOMC2018). — OC087. — Florence, Italy, 2018. — P. 228–228. Nowadays the main directions in the chemistry of Group 14 elements (E= Si, Ge, Sn, Pb) includes several main subjects, such as synthesis and investigation of the: 1) tetrylenes R2E (low-valent derivatives); 2) catenated compounds containing E-E bonds. Special interest in tetrylenes is explained as from fundamental point of view (stabilization of reactive E(II) centre) and also by application of R2E in related fields of science (synthesis of complex compounds, application as ligands for transition metals, as catalysts). Catenated Group 14 compounds due to σ-conjugation along the chain of E atoms attract attention as carbon analogs with interesting properties (electrochemical behaviour, UV/vis absorbance, luminescence, conductivity). The establishment of the dependence of these properties from the structure represents an actual scientific challenge. In this report our recent advances on derivatives of Group 14 elements are presented.

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