Synthesis and Some Transformations of 2-and 2,2 '-Substituted Bis(ethylenedioxy)biphenyls Containing Cyclopropane Fragmentsстатья

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[1] Synthesis and some transformations of 2-and 2,2 '-substituted bis(ethylenedioxy)biphenyls containing cyclopropane fragments / S. S. Mochalov, N. A. Puretskii, A. N. Fedotov et al. // Russian Journal of Organic Chemistry. — 2012. — Vol. 48, no. 1. — P. 40–51. 3,4:3',4'-Bis(ethylenedioxy)biphenyl undergoes bromination, nitration, and cyclopropylcarbonylation only at the 2-position. Analogous reactions with 2-substituted bis(ethylenedioxy)biphenyls occur regioselectively at the 2'-position. The reactions of 2-cyclopropylcarbonyl- and 2,2'-bis(cyclopropylcarbonyl)bis(ethylenedioxy)biphenyls with complex metal hydrides afforded the corresponding arylcyclopropylcarbinols which tended to undergo intramolecular alkylation of the aromatic ring with conservation of the cyclopropane fragment (monosubstituted derivatives) and formation of cyclopropyl-containing cyclic ethers (disubstituted ethylenedioxybiphenyls). The reduction of the nitro group in 2'-cyclopropylcarbonyl-2-nitro-4,5:4',5'-bis(ethylenedioxy)biphenyl was accompanied by intramolecular cyclization involving spatially close functional groups, the cyclopropane fragment remaining intact. [ DOI ]

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