The Carbenoid Dihalotriangulane Rearrangement: A Mechanistic Mysteryстатья

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[1] Zefirov N., Kuznetsova T. S. The carbenoid dihalotriangulane rearrangement: A mechanistic mystery // Synlett. — 2011. — no. 16. — P. 2299–2306. This account focuses on the unprecedented carbenoid rearrangement of dihalotriangulanes promoted by treatment with methyllithium. This rearrangement reaction proceeds via a wide variety of intermediates, including carbenoids, carbenes, cations, and organolithium species as well as different halides. Mutual interactions between these intermediates lead to a variety of unusual rearrangement products. The scope and limitations of the unusual dihalotriangulane rearrangement are outlined and some surprising mechanistic features of the reaction are discussed. [ DOI ]

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