Optically pure trans-1-benzyl-4-aminopiperidin-3-ols. Synthesis and absolute configurationстатья

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[1] Optically pure trans-1-benzyl-4-aminopiperidin-3-ols. synthesis and absolute configuration / G. V. Grishina, I. S. Veselov, Y. V. Nelyubina et al. // ARKIVOC. — 2011. — P. 107–117. Enantiomerically pure trans-(3R,4R)-4-aminopiperidin-3-ols, which are convenient precursors for making natural and synthetic aminohydroxylated piperidine alkaloid analogs, were efficiently synthesized through the reaction of enantiomerically pure (3R,4S)-3,4-epoxypiperidine with amines in the presence of LiClO(4) in CH(3)CN at room temperature. The absolute stereochemistry of the resultant amino alcohols was determined by the stereochemical correlation method and single-crystal X-ray analysis.

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