Spatial Distribution and Seasonal Dynamics of the Chlorophyll a Concentration in the Sea of Azov Based on MERIS Imagesстатья

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[1] Spatial distribution and seasonal dynamics of the chlorophyll a concentration in the sea of azov based on meris images / V. Saprygin, S. V. Berdnikov, V. V. Kulygin et al. // Oceanology. — 2018. — Vol. 58, no. 5. — P. 689–699. The chlorophyll a concentration (Cchl a) in the Sea of Azov is estimated by the two-band NIR-red algorithm [34] from MERIS images for 2002–2012. The sea-truth spectrophotometric measurements and MERIS remote estimates of Cchl a are compared. The monthly average Cchl a values are mapped from MERIS data for its lifetime for the first time. The features of the spatiotemporal distribution of Cchl a are ascertained. Differences between the seasonal dynamics of Cchl a in the Sea of Azov according to the literature data and the dynamics derived from MERIS data are found, namely: the summer–autumn phytoplankton growth period is longer than the spring period and is characterized by higher Cchl a values throughout the water area. [ DOI ]

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