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[1] Alexandrov S., Pirumov A. A die profile for maximum efficiency in strip drawing of anisotropic materials // Procedia Manufacturing. — 2018. — Vol. 21. — P. 60–67. Previous theoretical work has shown that frictionless dies can be designed to produce maximum efficiency in the reduction of isotropic rigid perfectly plastic strip under plane strain conditions. This is accomplished by contouring the die to cause coincidence of trajectories of one of the principal stresses and streamlines throughout the deformation region. Such flows have been named ideal flows. The objective of the present work is to give quite a general ideal flow solution for anisotropic materials. The solution can be adopted to design dies for plane strain drawing. The general structure of the solution in characteristic space shows that the contour of the die consists of two portions. One of these portions may be prescribed whereas the other is determined from the solution. A simple example is provided to illustrate the general solution. This particular solution is practically analytic. Therefore, it can be used to verify the accuracy of numerical codes. [ DOI ]

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