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[1] Bubnova E. N., Konovalova O. P. Fungi in the bottom sediments of the chukchi sea // Russian Journal of Marine Biology. — 2019. — Vol. 45, no. 2. — P. 86–92. We present the first study on the diversity of the mycobiota of the Chukchi Sea bottom sediments. 22 samples from depths 44-110 meters were collected in August – early September 2012 during the work program RUSALCA-2012. Fungi were isolated in a pure culture on agarized media (salinity 35 ‰, temperature + 6 o C). Identified by morphological-cultural and molecular-genetic methods based on the nucleotide sequences of ITS1-ITS2 rDNA. A total of 128 colonies of mycelial fungi were isolated, from one sample with a volume of 1 cm3 from 0 to 22 propagules. The general diversity is represented by 48 morphotypes belonging to 32 genera of 15 orders of Ascomycetes and Basidiomycetes. Ascomycetes predominate both in numbers and in diversity. Many of the isolated species were first found in marine ecosystems. The use of molecular methods allowed establishing the taxonomic position of sterile isolates, the share of which was 13%. Among them, there is a high diversity of orders of Pleosporales and Helotiales belonging to Ascomycetes. [ DOI ]

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