The Quantitative Features of the Phytoplankton Community in the Southwestern Kara Sea in the Summer of 2015статья

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[1] Konovalova O. P., Sharapov A. M., Zhukov D. V. The quantitative features of the phytoplankton community in the southwestern kara sea in the summer of 2015 // Russian Journal of Marine Biology. — 2018. — Vol. 44, no. 3. — P. 185–191. This paper presents results from a study of phytoplankton communities that was performed in 2015 at 213 stations in the southwestern part of the Kara Sea. The values of primary production at most stations exceeded the estimates obtained in 1993 by several times. A continued increase in productivity indices and no outbreaks of phytoplankton were consistent with long-term satellite monitoring data. At the same time, grouping of stations showed a highly mosaic structure of the spatial distribution of phytoplankton and a significant range of variation of most of the studied parameters. [ DOI ]

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