Experimental Research on the Photodegradation of the Organic Compounds of Natural Watersстатья

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[1] Experimental research on the photodegradation of the organic compounds of natural waters / O. Y. Drozdova, N. A. Anokhina, V. V. Demin, S. A. Lapitskiy // Moscow University Geology Bulletin. — 2018. — Vol. 73, no. 5. — P. 467–471. The photodegradation of organo-mineral complexes in natural conditions was studied using samples of soil and swamp waters to study the effect of sunlight on the composition and properties of organic matter and metal forms dissolved in natural waters. The total contents of certain aliphatic and aromatic carboxylic acids increased in the samples after irradiation. Photodegradation of organic matter of the natural waters with the high Fe content is accompanied by the formation of colloidal particles (Fe hydroxides). The number of negatively-charged complexes of Ni, Cu, Zn, and Cd increased under insolation in swamp waters and decreased in soil waters. [ DOI ]

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