Cryptic species of Scoloplos gr. armiger (Orbiniidae, Annelida) in the White Seaтезисы доклада Тезисы

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[1] Zhadan A. E., Neretinа T. Cryptic species of scoloplos gr. armiger (orbiniidae, annelida) in the white sea // MARINE BIOLOGY, GEOLOGY, OCEANOLOGY: INTERDISCIPLINARY RESEARCH AT MARINE STATIONS 80th anniversary of the Nikolai Pertsov White Sea Biological Station, NOVEMBER 19-21, MOSCOW, 2018. — KMK Scientific Press Ltd Russian Federation, 2018. — P. 12–12. In the White Sea, two polychaete species of the genus Scoloplos are identified as S. armiger. Both species are numerous; they occupy different ecological niches: one inhabits the intertidal and the second inhabits the subtidal zone; at depths of 0-3 m these species can be found together. They differ in mitochondrial as well as in nuclear genes; the absence of hybridization is shown for them. Studies of morphology showed slight differences in the external structure: the intertidal species has more hook-shaped chaetae in thoracic neuropodia and more segments with such chaetae, but the values of these features overlap in two species. Comparison with data from Genbank showed that the sublittoral species coincides with individuals from S.armiger type locality, and the intertidal one differs from all other genetic lineages and will be described as a new species.

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