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[1] Rock toughness importance for hydraulic fracture modeling / M. A. Trimonova, E. V. Zenchenko, S. B. Turuntaev et al. // Proceedings of the Advanced Materials with Hierarchical Structure for New Technologies and Reliable Structures. — Vol. 2051. — AIP Publishing, 2018. — P. 1–4. The work is devoted to the study of rock fracture toughness importance for correct hydraulic fracturing simulations. The parameter characterizes the rock’s ability to resist the fracture process. For numerical simulations of the fracture based on the postulates of the failure mechanics, the fracture toughness is one of the determining parameters along with the elastic properties of the rock and the injection conditions. The aim of the paper is to determine how much the fracture toughness affects the fracture length in the numerical model describing the laboratory experiments. The used laboratory setup made it possible to create conditions that determine the actual fracture process. The strength parameters of the model material were measured. In particular the fracture toughness was measured using indentation methods. Numerical model calibrated by the laboratory experiment was used to solve the postulated problem. [ DOI ]

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