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[1] Empirical pairing gaps and neutron-proton correlations / B. S. Ishkhanov, S. V. Sidorov, T. Y. Tretyakova, E. V. Vladimirova // Chinese Physics C. — 2019. — Vol. 43, no. 1. — P. 014104. Analysis of various mass formulas related to neutron-proton correlations in atomic nuclei is carried out. Using the example of the N = Z chain it is shown that for self-adjoint nuclei various formulas proposed in literature for estimating the np pairing energy lead to similar results. Significant differences between the calculation methods arise when nuclei with N ≠ Z are considered, which allows to reveal the complexity of neutron-proton correlations in different types of atomic nuclei and to make assumptions on the correspondence of the mass relation to the real effect of np pairing. The Shell Model parametrization of the binding energy makes it possible to draw additional conclusions on the structure of mass formulas and their relationship. [ DOI ]

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