Thermodynamic Calculation of The Characteristics of Metal Thermionic Emissionстатья

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[1] Thermodynamic calculation of the characteristics of metal thermionic emission / M. I. Nikitin, N. S. Chilingarov, E. L. Osina, S. B. Osin // HIGH TEMPERATURE SCIENCE. — 2018. — Vol. 56, no. 4. — P. 532–537. The thermodynamic equilibria of the “Fermi–Dirac gas–Maxwell gas–Boltzmann gas” and “metal–saturated vapor” systems are considered (with allowance for charged particles). It is shown that the work function of a metal at 0 K is equal to the Mulliken electronegativity of its atoms. For the latter case, it is proposed to take into account the relationship between the work-function thermal coefficient and the thermodynamic functions of positive and negative metal ions. [ DOI ]

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