Immobilized Copper and Molybdenum-Containing Ionic Liquids in Oxidation of Sulfidesстатья

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[1] Immobilized copper and molybdenum-containing ionic liquids in oxidation of sulfides / I. G. Tarkhanova, A. V. Anisimov, S. V. Verzhichinskaya et al. // Petroleum Chemistry. — 2016. — Vol. 56, no. 2. — P. 158–165. The synthesis and comparative analysis of catalytic properties of Cu and Mocontaining ethyl propylimidazolium derivatives immobilized on silicaseries mineral supports have been performed. The oxi dation of diethyl sulfide and methyl phenyl sulfide with oxygen and hydrogen peroxide in a hydrocarbon medium has been studied as a model process. The catalyst based on ethylpropylimidazolium polymolybdates is the most active and stable in the oxidation of methyl phenyl sulfide. [ DOI ]

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