Thermodynamic functions of poly(trifluoromethyl)fullerenes C60(CF3)n, n=2-18, by isodesmic reaction's methodтезисы доклада Тезисы

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[1] Thermodynamic functions of poly(trifluoromethyl)fullerenes c60(cf3)n, n=2-18, by isodesmic reaction's method / N. A. Romanova, A. I. Druzhinina, R. M. Varuschenko et al. // Book of abstracts of International Conference “Advanced Carbon Nanostructures ACNS'2015”. — St. Petersburg, 2015. — P. 84. Experimental investigations of thermodynamic properties of trifluoromethylfullerenes were significantly hampered by the fact that preparation of pure compounds in amounts required for thermodynamic studying is a rather difficult task. Nevertheless, the large-scale synthetic availability of S 6 -symmetrical C60(CF3)12 opens up possibility of its thermochemical studies and determination of thermodynamic functions of broad range of poly(trifluoromethyl)fullerenes by isodesmic reaction's method. Previously, we synthesized gramme-scale amount of S6-С60(CF 3)12 and determined its thermodynamic functions. Here we reported the enthalpy of formation and C–CF3 bond dissociation enthalpies , for the broad range of structurally characterized poly(trifluoromethyl)fullerenes C60(CF3)n , n=2–18, by method of isodesmic reactions.

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