Brønsted acidic SILP-based catalysts with H3PMo12O40 or H3PW12O40 in the oxidative desulfurization of fuelsстатья

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[1] Brønsted acidic silp-based catalysts with h3pmo12o40 or h3pw12o40 in the oxidative desulfurization of fuels / A. A. Bryzhin, M. G. Gantman, A. K. Buryak, I. G. Tarkhanova // Applied Catalysis B: Environmental. — 2019. — Vol. 257. — P. 117938. In this manuscript novel heterogeneous catalysts for fuel desulfurization via peroxide oxidation are reported. The obtained catalysts combine high catalytic activity and stability with perfect synthetic availability, their composition and structure were ascertained. The catalysts represent supported ionic liquid phases (SILPs): Brønsted acidic ILs, namely 4-(3′- ethylimidazolium)-butanesulfonate, with two heteropolyacids (HPA) (sulfated ionic liquid protonated by H3PMo12O40 or H3PW12O40). Silica and γ-Al2O3 were used as support materials. [ DOI ]

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