Phase composition of KxC60 (x <= 1) samples as probed by C-13 and K-39 NMRстатья

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[1] Phase composition of kxc60 (x <= 1) samples as probed by c-13 and k-39 nmr / E. V. Skokan, V. P. Tarasov, V. I. Privalov et al. // Russian Journal of Inorganic Chemistry. — 2005. — Vol. 50, no. 9. — P. 1447–1450. Samples of KxC60 (x <= 1) have been studied by C-13 and K-39 NMR. The following phases are identified in this system at room temperature: K3C60, a solid solution of potassium in fullerite, and a potassium-containing polymer. In the K1C60 sample, the content of the polymeric phase is estimated to be as large as 90%. In all these phases, the distribution of potassium over tetrahedral and octahedral interstices remain unaltered, their ratio being 2 : 1.

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