Neuroprotective Effects of Methylene Blue In Vivo and In Vitroстатья

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[1] Neuroprotective effects of methylene blue in vivo and in vitro / E. V. Stelmashook, E. E. Genrikhs, E. V. Mukhaleva et al. // Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine. — 2019. — Vol. 167, no. 4. — P. 455–459. Focal unilateral traumatic brain injury in the sensorimotor cortical region disturbed the func-tions of contralateral limbs controlled by the damaged hemisphere. A single intravenous injec-tion of methylene blue (1 mg/kg) immediately before or 30 min after the injury significantly weakened functional disorders in the affected extremities. In vitro experiments showed that methylene blue effectively reduced death of cultured neurons provoked by paraquat or zinc ions producing the toxic effects on mitochondrias. [ DOI ]

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