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[1] Checklist of intertidal polychaetes (annelida) of kuwait, northern part of the arabian gulf / M. Al-Kandari, Z. Sattari, S. Hussain et al. // Regional Studies in Marine Science. — 2019. A checklist of the polychaete fauna collected from the intertidal coastal zone along the northern part of the Arabian Gulf in Kuwait is presented. Samples were collected from 42 transects, including mainland areas and seven islands, during late autumn and winter seasons from 2013 to 2016. In total, 173 polychaete species from 46 families were identified, 19 are new records to the Arabian Gulf and 17 to the Arabian Region. The most abundant species belonged to the family Spionidae, followed by Nereididae, and Serpulidae. The list represents a regional taxonomical work which can provide baseline data for future studies and a useful basis for future conservation plans relevant to this region. [ DOI ]

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