One less mystery in Coleoptera systematics: the position of Cydistinae (Elateriformia incertae sedis) resolved by multigene phylogenetic analysisстатья

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[1] One less mystery in coleoptera systematics: the position of cydistinae (elateriformia incertae sedis) resolved by multigene phylogenetic analysis / R. Kundrata, S. M. Blank, A. S. Prosvirov et al. // Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society. — 2019. — Vol. 20. — P. 1–19. Cydistinae are a rare monogeneric beetle lineage from Asia with a convoluted history of classification, historically placed in various groups within the series Elateriformia. However, their position has never been rigorously tested. To resolve this long-standing puzzle, we are the first to present sequences of two nuclear and two mitochondrial markers for four species of Cydistinae to determine their phylogenetic position. We included these sequences in two rounds of analyses: one including a broad Elateriformia dataset to test placement at the superfamily/family level, and a second, including a richer, targeted sampling of presumed close relatives. Our results strongly support Cydistinae as sister to Phengodidae in a clade with Rhagophthalmidae. Based on our molecular phylogenetic results and examination of morphological characters, we hereby transfer the formerly unplaced Cydistinae into Phengodidae and provide diagnoses for the newly circumscribed Phengodidae, Cydistinae and Cydistus. Since both Phengodidae and Rhagophthalmidae have bioluminescent larvae and strongly neotenic females, similar features can be hypothesized for Cydistinae. Additionally, Cydistus minor is transferred to the new genus Microcydistus. [ DOI ]

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