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[1] Advanced exact structure searching in large databases of chemical compounds / S. V. Trepalin, A. V. Skorenko, K. V. Balakin et al. // Journal of chemical information and computer sciences. — 2003. — Vol. 43, no. 3. — P. 852–860. Efficient recognition of tautomeric compound forms in large corporate or commercially available compound databases is a difficult and labor intensive task. Our data indicate that up to 0.5% of commercially available compound collections for bioscreening contain tautomers. Though in the large registry databases, such as Beilstein and CAS, the tautomers are found in an automated fashion using high-performance computational technologies, their real-time recognition in the nonregistry corporate databases, as a rule, remains problematic. We have developed an effective algorithm for tautomer searching based on the proprietary chemoinformatics platform. This algorithm reduces the compound to a canonical structure. This feature enables rapid, automated computer searching of most of the known tautomeric transformations that occur in databases of organic compounds. Another useful extension of this methodology is related to the ability to effectively search for different forms of compounds that contain ionic and semipolar bonds. The computations are performed in the Windows environment on a standard personal computer, a very useful feature. The practical application of the proposed methodology is illustrated by several examples of successful recovery of tautomers and different forms of ionic compounds from real commercially available nonregistry databases. [ DOI ]

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