A Method for Aircraft Labeling in Aerial and Satellite Images Based on Continuous Morphological Modelsстатья

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[1] Gavrilov D. A., Mestetskiy L. M., Semenov A. B. A method for aircraft labeling in aerial and satellite images based on continuous morphological models // Programming and Computer Software. — 2019. — Vol. 45, no. 6. — P. 303–310. A method of labeling aerial and satellite remote sensing images for detecting objects of a priori known shapes is proposed. The implementation of this method uses an algorithm of piecewise linear approximations of the boundary of template objects and an algorithm of transforming the template contour descriptions to fit them to images of objects in the photographs. The developed algorithms are tested using the practical problem of determining the types of aircraft in remote sensing images remote sensing images. It is shown that the proposed method improves the labeling accuracy and is faster than the manual detection of aircraft images in photographs.

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