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[1] Double refinement network for room layout estimation / I. Kruzhilov, M. Romanov, D. Babichev, A. Konushin // Palaiahnakote S., Sanniti di Baja G., Wang L., Yan W. (eds) Pattern Recognition. ACPR 2019. — Vol. 12046 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science. — Springer, 2019. — P. 557–568. Layout estimation is a challenge of segmenting a cluttered room image into floor, walls and ceiling. We applied Double refinement network proved to be efficient in the depth estimation to generate heat maps for room key points and edges. Our method is the first not using encoder-decoder architecture for the room layout estimation. ResNet50 was utilized as a backbone for the network instead of VGG16 commonly used for the task, allowing the network to be more compact and faster. We designed a special layout score function and layout ranking algorithm for key points and edges output. Our method achieved the lowest pixel and corner errors on the LSUN data set. The input image resolution is 224*224. [ DOI ]

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