Effect of Atmospheric Precipitation on Microelement Composition of Soils in Model Ecosystems of Soil Lysimetersстатья

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[1] Plekhanova I. O., Abrosimova G. V. Effect of atmospheric precipitation on microelement composition of soils in model ecosystems of soil lysimeters // Moscow University Soil Science Bulletin. — 2016. — Vol. 71, no. 3. — P. 129–134. Variations in the microelement composition of soils of lysimeters under the effect of atmospheric precipitation and model phytocenoses over the 49-year-long period were studied. A drop in acidity and a rise in the content of organic matter, microelements, and heavy metals in the surface soil layer were revealed. The greatest accumulation of heavy metals was seen in the forest litter and at a depth of 2–15 cm. In compar¬ison with the original loam, zinc content is higher 18–20 times under tree vegetation, 14–16 times under grass communities, and five times in bare soils. The difference in the content of heavy metals between the soils under model phytocenoses and soils without plant cover is explained by their biogenic accumulation and input with dust precipitated on leaves. Dust amount and composition determine the regularities of the accu¬mulation of the elements in soils. [ DOI ]

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