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[1] Troshkina, Obruchnikova Y. A., Pestov S. M. Metal sorption by materials with a mobile phase of extractants // Russian Journal of General Chemistry. — 2019. — Vol. 89. — P. 2721–2732. Abstract—Data on sorption of rare, noble, radioactive, and nonferrous metals from aqueous solutions by impregnates and TVEXs were analyzed. These are materials combining the properties of sorbents and extractants and differing in the production method. Their distinctive feature is that the extractant is not chemically bonded to the solid support, which is responsible for high kinetic characteristics of sorption processes involving these materials, favorably comparing with conventional sorbents. As a mobile phase to be deposited on the carrier (mainly polymeric) in the case of impregnates or to be introduced during synthesis of TVEXs served organophosphorus extractants, amines, quaternary ammonium bases, etc. Information regarding the effect of various parameters (solution acidity, metal concentration, phase ratio, temperature, and concentration of impurity elements) on separating capability and metal sorption capacity and kinetics was provided for this type of materials. Methods used for stabilizing the properties of impregnates with the view to minimize the extractant loss during application were considered. [ DOI ]

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