Thermodynamic properties of synthetic zeolite–Mordeniteстатья

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[1] Thermodynamic properties of synthetic zeolite–mordenite / N. Y. Kozin, A. L. Voskov, A. V. Khvan, I. A. Uspenskaya // Thermochimica Acta. — 2020. — Vol. 688. — P. 178600. The thermal behaviour of zeolites is of an important consideration for evaluating the consequences of temperature changes in geologic, experimental, and engineered systems. Calorimetric measurements have been carried out on a synthetic sample of mordenite having the composition Na1.51Al1.51Si10.49O24·4.60 H2O. High-temperature drop calorimetry has been used to derive the thermochemical properties: enthalpy of formation and enthalpy of dehydration. New additive thermodynamic model for zeolites thermodynamic properties prediction was used to estimate the heat capacity, entropy and heat content of mordenite in wide temperature range. This study is a part of a program to determine calorimetrically the thermodynamic properties of synthetic zeolites. [ DOI ]

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