Tensor Interaction Effects on Stellar Electron Capture and Beta-Decay Ratesстатья

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[1] Tensor interaction effects on stellar electron capture and beta-decay rates / A. A. Dzhioev, S. V. Sidorov, A. I. Vdovin, T. Y. Tretyakova // Physics of Atomic Nuclei. — 2020. — Vol. 83, no. 2. — P. 143–160. The Gamow–Teller strength functions as well as electron capture and β decay rates for 56,78Ni in hot stellar environment are calculated within a thermodynamically consistent approach based on the thermal quasiparticle RPA. We present a thorough analysis of the tensor interaction effects on the GT strength functions at zero and finite temperatures. To this aim we use self-consistent calculations with the Skyrme interaction. Several Skyrme interactions are used in order to verify the sensitivity of the obtained results to the Skyrme force parameters. It is pointed out that finite temperature amplifies the effect of tensor correlations on the GT strength functions. Our calculations of electron capture and β decay rates demonstrate the importance of the tensor interaction for simulation of supernova weak-interaction processes. [ DOI ]

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