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[1] Aging fits the disease criteria of the international classification of diseases / D. Khaltourina, Y. Matveyev, A. Alekseev et al. // Mechanisms of Ageing and Development. — 2020. — Vol. 189. — P. 111230. The disease criteria used by the World Health Organization (WHO) were applied to human biological aging in order to assess whether aging can be classified as adisease. These criteria were developed for the 11th revision of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD) and included disease diagnostics, mechanisms, courseand outcomes, known interventions, and linkage to genetic and environmental factors.Results: Biological aging can be diagnosed with frailty indices, functional, blood-based biomarkers. A number of major causal mechanisms of human aging involvedin various organs have been described, such as inflammation, replicative cellular senescence, immune senescence, proteostasis failures, mitochondrial dysfunctions,fibrotic propensity, hormonal aging, body composition changes, etc. We identified a number of clinically proven interventions, as well as genetic and environmentalfactors of aging. Therefore, aging fits the ICD-11 criteria and can be considered a disease. Our proposal was submitted to the ICD-11 Joint Task force, and this led tothe inclusion of the extension code for “Ageing-related” (XT9T) into the “Causality” section of the ICD-11. This might lead to greater focus on biological aging inglobal health policy and might provide for more opportunities for the new therapy developers. [ DOI ]

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