Overview of Schistochilopsis (Hepaticae) in Pacific Asia with the Description Protochilopsis gen. novстатья

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[1] Overview of schistochilopsis (hepaticae) in pacific asia with the description protochilopsis gen. nov / V. A. Bakalin, V. E. Fedosov, Y. D. Maltseva et al. // Plants. — 2020. — Vol. 9, no. 7. — P. 850960. The taxonomic diversity center of Schistochilopsis is in East Asia, where the genus also shows the highest genetic diversity and morphological plasticity. The integrative survey of Schistochilopsis in East Asia was the main goal of the present account. Plant materials were obtained from recent collections made by authors in various parts of amphi-Pacific Asia; several types of specimens were also studied. The study includes phylogenetic reconstructions from nuclear ITS1,2, chloroplast trnL and trnG sequences, and anatomo-morphological, biogeographical, and taxonomical analyses. As a result, it was concluded that S. obscura should be transferred to Lophozia s. str. and S. grandiretis to the newly described genus Protochilopsis. Lophozia boliviensis was found to be part of the Andean–Sino-Himalayan taxon belonging to Schistochilopsis. The species status of S. hyperarctica and S. opacifolia was not confirmed. Substantial genetic variation is observed within S. incisa with possible cryptic sympatric distributed entities. The taxonomical section of the paper provides a discussion on the status, distinctive morphological traits, distribution, and ecology supplemented with the morphological description for poorly understood taxa. In the vast majority of cases, the illustrations and photographs made from the types and living material are provided. [ DOI ]

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