Determination of Thermal Diffusivity by Nonstationary Spot Heatingстатья

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[1] Determination of thermal diffusivity by nonstationary spot heating / D. Y. Golovin, A. I. Tyurin, A. A. Samodurov, Y. I. Golovin // Technical Physics Letters. — 2020. — Vol. 46, no. 1. — P. 34–37. A thermographic express method for determining the coefficient of thermal diffusivity (a) of platelike objects is presented. It may be regarded as a modification of, and the next step in, the evolution of the laser flash method. In contrast to laser flash analysis, the proposed method, which involves spot stage heating by a focused laser beam (∼0.1 mm2) with simultaneous high-speed recording of the nonstationary temperature field by a thermal camera, does not require cutting out samples of a specific shape and access to two sides of the tested object. The developed algorithm for deriving the value of a from raw data makes it unnecessary to determine the absolute temperatures and the absorbed incident energy. [ DOI ]

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