Evaluation of the Acute and Chronic Toxicity of Reagentsfor the Treatment of Oil-Contaminated Soils and Sludgeстатья

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[1] Evaluation of the acute and chronic toxicity of reagentsfor the treatment of oil-contaminated soils and sludge / O. A. KULIKOVA, E. A. MAZLOVA, V. A. TEREKHOVA, M. V. AGADZHANYAN // Chemistry for Sustainable Development. — 2019. — Vol. 27, no. 4. — P. 336–342. The acute and chronic toxicity of several chemical reagents based on surfactants and used to treat oil-contaminated soils and sludge was evaluated. Biotesting based on the response of invertebrates and higher plants allowed us to conclude that the tested chemical reagents can be applied with effective concentrations that are safe for ecosystems. The effective concentrations were established for the phytoeffects of inhibiting the growth and de-velopment of two types of test plants (oil radish – Brassica rapa CrGC syn. Rbr, and cultivated oat – Avena sativa L.) and for the survival ability of the standardized test culture of Paramecium caudatum Ehrenberg.Keywords: surfactants, reagent treatment, oil-contaminated soils, oil sludge, biotesting, ecotoxicity. [ DOI ]

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