Variations of CO2-exchange and active layer depth in tundra ecosystems of East Chukotkaстатья

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[1] Variations of co2-exchange and active layer depth in tundra ecosystems of east chukotka / D. G. Zamolodchikov, D. V. Karelin, A. A. Maslakov, G. N. Kraev // Climate and permafrost ecosystems: Proceedings of IXth International Symposium C/H2O/energy balance and climate over the boreal and Arctic regions with special emphasis on Eastern Eurasia. — Nagoya University Publishing House Nagoya, 2016. — P. 60–66. The permafrost is relatively conservative formation, where physical, chemical and biological processes are very slow due to influence of low temperatures. In warm period of year a thin layer of frozen ground appears in the border of the atmosphere and the lithosphere, all processes are accelerated there. Therefore this layer is called “active”. The Climate Change appearance is varied depending from local and regional conditions, initiating positive and negative feedbacks in system “permafrost – active layer – vegetation – atmosphere”. Considerations above served as conceptual base for organization in 2000 a point of stationary observations in vicinities of Lavrentia settlement in East Chukotka. A registration of fluxes of CO2, H2O and energy was performed using the eddy covariance technique from 2000 to 2004 (Zamolodchikov et al., 2003, Karelin, Zamolodchikov, 2008). The monitoring of seasonal dynamics of active layer in “Lavrentia” grid (R27 follow indexing of CALM program) started in 2000 and continues till present date (Zamolodchikov et al., 2004). Final estimations of CO2 balance in 2000-2004 together with results of the continuing active layer monitoring are presented in this paper.

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