S6 Isomer of C60(CF3)12: Synthesis, properties and thermodynamic functionsстатья

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[1] S6 isomer of c60(cf3)12: Synthesis, properties and thermodynamic functions / N. A. Romanova, T. S. Papina, V. A. Luk’yanova et al. // Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics. — 2013. — Vol. 66. — P. 59–64. Abstract A crystalline form of S6-С60(CF3)12 was synthesized in an amount sufficient for reliable experimental investigation. We determined the enthalpy of combustion of S6-С60(CF3)12 in oxygen and its heat capacity, which made possible to derive the thermodynamic functions of S6-С60(CF3)12, namely the enthalpy of formation, the entropy and the Gibbs energy at T& xa0;=& xa0;298.15& xa0;K. These experimental thermochemical data enabled estimation of the formation energy for a broad range of other trifluoromethylated compounds C60(CF3)n, with n& xa0;=& xa0;(2–18; 24), on the basis of their DFT calculated relative energies. [ DOI ]

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