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[1] Vocal group signatures in the goitred gazelle gazella subgutturosa / I. A. Volodin, E. V. Volodina, E. N. Lapshina et al. // Animal Cognition. — 2014. — Vol. 17, no. 2. — P. 349–357. The potential for vocal modification in mammals has recently been of great interest. This study focuses on the potential for vocal matching in juvenile and adolescent goitred gazelles Gazella subgutturosa that were group housed as part of an animal management program. Two groups of animals (16 and 19 unrelated individuals respectively) were recorded at two different ages, juvenile and adolescent, regarding 20-25 calls per individual per age; each group was evaluated in a separate year. Vocal similarity of group members compared to non-members was prominent in both ages, but higher in juveniles. Individual identity was prominent in both ages and higher in adolescents. The more prominent vocal indicators of group membership in juveniles could be related to their higher social dependence compared to adolescents. The more individualized calls of adolescents could be a mechanistic consequence of more stable growth at older age. Our results suggest vocal plasticity of goitred gazelles under social influences. These data add to recent evidence about domestic goat kids Capra hircus, suggesting that vocalisations of species that are not capable of imitation are more flexible than previously thought. [ DOI ]

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