Radiative Entropy Production along the Paludification Gradient in the Southern Taigaстатья

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[1] Radiative entropy production along the paludification gradient in the southern taiga / O. Kuricheva, V. Mamkin, R. Sandlersky et al. // Entropy. — 2017. — Vol. 19, no. 1. — P. 43. Entropy production (σ) is a measure of ecosystem and landscape stability in a changing environment. We calculated the σ in the radiation balance for a well-drained spruce forest, a paludified spruce forest, and a bog in the southern taiga of the European part of Russia using long-term meteorological data. Though radiative σ depends both on surface temperature and absorbed radiation, the radiation effect in boreal ecosystems is much more important than the temperature effect. The dynamic of the incoming solar radiation was the main driver of the diurnal, seasonal, and intra-annual courses of σ for all ecosystems; the difference in ecosystem albedo was the second most important factor, responsible for seven-eighths of the difference in σ between the bog and forest in a warm period. Despite the higher productivity and the complex structure of the well-drained forest, the dynamics and sums of σ in two forests were very similar. Summer droughts had no influence on the albedo and σ efficiency of forests, demonstrating high self-regulation of the taiga forest ecosystems. On the contrary, a decreasing water supply significantly elevated the albedo and lowered the σ in bog. Bogs, being non-steady ecosystems, demonstrate unique thermodynamic behavior, which is fluctuant and strongly dependent on the moisture supply. Paludification of territories may result in increasing instability of the energy balance and entropy production in the landscape of the southern taiga. [ DOI ]

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