Thermodynamic analysis of reactions for the synthesis of petrochemical products from oxygenatesстатья

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1. Полный текст The main problems in the development of alternative methods for producing biofuels based on renewable raw materials are shown. The historical aspects of the use of biomass are described. The potential possibilities of obtaining synthetic rubber based on biomass fuels for various purposes and basic monomers have been studied. The theoretical foundations of the use of lower alcohols have been studied. The processes of producing butadiene, isoprene, aromatic hydrocarbons, and cycloparaffins using zeolite-containing and alumina-oxide catalysts in a wide range of temperature and pressure variations have been experimentally investigated. Schematic diagrams of the reaction mechanism based on kinetic and experimental data are proposed. A principal solution for the production of biofuels for various purposes using a two-stage technological scheme involving the processing of ethanol with subsequent hydrogenation of the obtained fraction of aromatic hydrocarbons on zeolite-containing catalysts is s10553-022-01327-1.pdf 467,3 КБ 21 сентября 2022 [Rashid_Tal555]