Effect of Clear-Cutting on Soil CO2 Emissionстатья

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[1] Molchanov A. G., Kurbatova Y. A., Olchev A. V. Effect of clear-cutting on soil co2 emission // Biology Bulletin. — 2017. — Vol. 44, no. 2. — P. 218–223. An experimental study to estimate the effect of clear-cutting on CO2 emission from the soil surface was performed using the chamber method. For field measurements, several experimental plots within the clear-cut with different degrees of damage of the upper organic soil layer and different amounts of litter and logging residue on the surface were selected. Soil CO2 fluxes were simultaneously measured both on the clear-cutting plots and on two plots within the spruce forest stand located close to the clear-cut area. The results show a significant seasonal and diurnal variability of soil CO2 emission. It was found that the soil respiration rate varies significantly among plots and depends on the damage to the upper soil layer and the availability of litter and logging residue on the soil surface. It was found that the rate of CO2 emission from soil surface is strongly dependent on the air and soil temperature and moisture of the upper soil layer. Different rates of soil respiration are also revealed on the plots located at different distances from tree trunks within the control forest stand. [ DOI ]

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