Improvement of MCMC-based video tracking algorithmстатья

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[1] Shalnov E. V., Konushin V. S., Konushin A. S. Improvement of mcmc-based video tracking algorithm // 11th International Conference on Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis: New Information Technologies (PRIA-11-2003). Samara, September 23-28, 2013. Conference Proceedings. — Vol. 2. — IPSI RAS Samara, 2013. — P. 727–730. In the article we describe a problem of a fully automatic people tracking in surveillance video recorded by a stable camera. We propose a development of Benfold et al tracking-by-detection algorithm [1]. We introduce a filtering of person detector results and a modified method of tracklet’s position estimation. Also we use the Flock of features and the normalized cross-correlation, as visual tracking algorithms, to construct tracklets. Our experiments reveal that all proposed modifications allow producing more robust trajectories than trajectories produced by basic algorithm.

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