Spectral properties and NIR photoluminescence of Bi+ impurity in CsCdCl3 ternary chlorideстатья

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[1] Spectral properties and nir photoluminescence of bi+ impurity in cscdcl3 ternary chloride / A. Romanov, A. Veber, Z. Fattakhova et al. // Journal of Luminescence. — 2014. — Vol. 2014, no. 149. — P. 292–296. Bi+ - doped single crystals of triple chloride CsCdCl3 were prepared by the Bridgman method. Bismuth monocation is responsible for characteristic two-peaked absorption feature in visible and long lived NIR luminescence in this crystal. The splitting of the Bi+ lowest electronic states by crystal field is considered. The absorption spectrum is assigned to optical transitions of A→E type in two nonequivalent Bi+ positions of D3h and C3v symmetry. The possibility of Jahn–Teller effect in Bi+ excited states of E type is discussed in relation with absorption and luminescence excitation spectra properties. [ DOI ]

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