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[1] Crystal structure of a mixed-valence μ-oxide sn12 cluster / M. M. Kireenko, K. V. Zaitsev, S. S. Karlov et al. // Acta Crystallographica Section E: Structure Reports Online. — 2014. — Vol. 70. — P. m378–m379. The mixed-valence [mu]-oxide Sn12 cluster, deca­carbonyl­tetra-[mu]4-oxido-hexa-[mu]3-oxido-tetra­kis­[[mu]-2,2'-(pyridine-2,6-di­yl)bis(1,1-di­phenyl­ethano­lato)]deca­tin(II)ditin(IV)dimolyb­denum(O)(2 Mo-Sn) toluene hepta­solvate, [Mo2Sn12(C33H27NO2)4O10(CO)10]·7C7H8, has a crystallographically imposed inversion centre. The asymmetric unit also contains three and a half toluene solvent mol­ecules, one of which is disordered about a centre of symmetry. The complex mol­ecule comprises six distinct Sn atom species with four different coordination numbers, namely 3, 4, 5, and 6. The SnII atoms forming the central Sn10O10 core adopt distorted trigonal-pyramidal, square-pyramidal and octa­hedral coordination geometries provided by the [mu]-oxide atoms and by the O- and N-donor atoms of two pyridinedi­ethano­late ligands. The terminal SnIV atoms have distorted trigonal-bipyramidal coordination geometries, with a [mu]4-oxide atom and the N atom of a pyridinedi­ethano­late ligand occupying the axial positions, and the Mo atom of a Mo(CO)5 group and the alk­oxy O atoms of a ligand forming the equatorial plane. In the crystal, weak intra- and inter­molecular C-H...O hydrogen bonds are observed. [ DOI ]

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