Applying Non-Negative Matrix Factorization Methods to Discover User’s Resource Access Patterns for Computer Security Tasksстатья

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[1] Applying non-negative matrix factorization methods to discover user’s resource access patterns for computer security tasks / D. Tsarev, R. Kurynin, M. Petrovskiy, I. Mashechkin // Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Hybrid Intelligent Systems (HIS 2014). — IEEE Computer Society [New York], United States, 2014. — P. 43–48. In the paper there is described the NMF-based approach applied to the problem of an employee's access needs determining. The carried out research showed that the proposed NMF-based methods provide a useful analytical framework for processing and modeling employee's access needs data, and the obtained results demonstrate acceptable performance and provide descriptive representation model. [ DOI ]

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