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[1] Recent decrease in carbon sink to russian forests / D. G. Zamolodchikov, V. I. Grabovsky, P. P. Shulyak, O. V. Chestnykh // Doklady Biological Sciences. — 2017. — Vol. 476. — P. 200–202. Regional Evaluation of Carbon Budget of Forests (RECBF), was used to study the dynamics of carbon balance in Russian forests in 1988–2015. The carbon sink (excess of absorption over losses) to forests was minimal in 1988. Since the first half of the 1990s, its increase has started. This increase was associated with the reduction of logging volume in connection with socioeconomic reforms. Since 2008, the carbon sink was gradually reduced due to increasing losses in logging operations, forest fires, and decreased carbon absorption. [ DOI ]

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