Analysis of Internal Stresses in a Viscoelastic Layer in Sliding Contactстатья

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[1] Goryacheva I. G., Stepanov F. I., Torskaya E. V. Analysis of internal stresses in a viscoelastic layer in sliding contact // Mechanics for Materials and Technologies. — Vol. 46 of Advanced Structured Materials. — Springer, 2017. — P. 171–181. Sliding contact of a smooth indenter with a linear viscoelastic layer adhered to a rigid half-space is under consideration. The quasistatic problem is investigated by constructing a solution for the case of a moving load, distributed in a rectangular element, which allows us to use the boundary element method and iterative procedure. The effect of sliding velocity, the layer thickness and viscoelastic properties on distribution of contact and internal stresses is analyzed based on the numerical solution of the problem. [ DOI ]

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