Reducibility of Stress-Based Workability Diagram to Strain-Based Workability Diagramстатья

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[1] Reducibility of stress-based workability diagram to strain-based workability diagram / D. Vilotic, S. Alexandrov, A. Ivanisevic, M. Milutinovic // International journal of applied mechanics. — 2016. — Vol. 8, no. 2. — P. 1650022. The strain-based and stress-based workability diagrams are often used to predict the initiation of ductile fracture in metal forming. The strain-based workability diagram is restricted to free surface fracture and postulates that the initiation of fracture is independent of the strain path. It is shown in the present paper that under these conditions the strain-based workability diagram is identical to the stress-based workability diagram. Using an available stress-based workability diagram the strain-based workability diagram is found in a much larger domain in the space of two in-surface principal strains as compared to the typical domain covered by standard tests used to determine strain-based workability diagrams. Two feasible tests are designed to determine the complete strain-based workability diagram. [ DOI ]

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