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[1] Mestetskiy L., Zimovnov A. Curve-skeleton extraction from visual hull // Proceedings of the International conference on computer vision theory and applications (VISAPP 2015). — Vol. 1. — SCITEPRESS – Science and Technology Publications Portugal Portugal, 2015. — P. 666–671. We present a new algorithm of curve-skeleton extraction from a wide variety of objects. The algorithm uses visuall hull object approximation, which gives us an ability to work with the model in its silhouettes domain. We propose an efficient algorithm for 3D distance transform computation for the inner voxels of visual hull. Using that 3D distance transform we backproject continuous medial axes of visual hull silhouettes that form a first approximation for a curve-skeleton. Then we use a set of filtering techniques to denoise that point cloud to form a thinner approximation. We believe that a resulting approximation is usefull in its own. The described method shows a great improvement in computational time comparing to existing ones. The method shows good extraction results for models with complex geometry and topology. Resulting curve-skeletons conform with most requirements to universal curve-skeletons. [ DOI ]

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